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Proof Reading Service (1 hour) - 0
Proof Reading Service (1 hour)
10 AUD
Available from Microsoft Word or Plain Text format and when finished in either PDF, Microsoft Word or Plain text format.

This product includes one hour of work and payment should be completed after the product you want proof read has been sent to and the product has finished being produced and you have been notified of how long the service took to complete.

The product will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment being received.

Please provide your name and email address in the comments during payment so that we can be sure we have received payment from you.

If the product took 2 hours to complete, purchase 2 of this product. If the product took 1.5 hours to complete, purchase one of this product and one of the half hour versions of this product. If it took 2.25 hours purchase 2 of this and one of the 15 minute versions of this product and so on.