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Peaceful Parenting Printable Booklet #1

Peaceful Parenting Printable Booklet #1

10 AUD
Peaceful Parenting Printable Booklet #1 - 0
Peaceful Parenting Printable Booklet #1
10 AUD
For the first time, Sab's Space is selling a 16 page printable booklet for parents of all kinds of children, especially targeted towards those with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and social anxiety.

The booklet includes:
  • A 'Chores To Do' page with sections for to do and done.
  • A page of small tabs to but cut out and used on the 'Chores To Do' printable. Half are blank and the other half are shown with popular examples.
  • 7 pages of 8 palm cards each with communication prompts, tips and cues. 6 pages are filled out and one is blank so that it can be customised to the child's age, situation and interests.
  • An 'I feel..." page of examples of emotions with faces to help children to notice, describe and label their emotions for effective day-to-day management.
  • A blank version of a weekly schedule for children to be able to prepare for the week ahead and the things that may happen out of general routine.
  • Printable encouraging quote artwork.
  • A page of examples of sensory tools for each of the 7 senses
  • A fun find-a-word to help children to learn new words about their diagnosis and senses.
  • 2 handwriting practicing sheets of letters, both capital and lower case, numbers and punctuation.

You are more than encouraged to laminate, cut out and write all over these! I would even suggest laminating them and writing on them with a white board marker, making the palm cards into a flip book using a bit of ribbon and a hole punch or even putting some sticky Velcro dots onto the chore chart and cards so they can be transferred from 'to do' to 'done' with ease!


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